Monday, June 29, 2009

RTA on World Hotel Link & Make Travel Fair

In this day and age, technology plays an important role in business, engagements and the people we reach. Wild Asia has been privilege to be featured on both World Hotel Link and Make Travel Fair.
"Make Travel Fair was established at the end of 2006 as an online platform to communicate some of the global issues associated with travel, to encourage education amongst travellers and to encourage travel as a means of education." - taken from
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" Limited (WHL) is owned and operated by a team from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Switzerland, the USA and Vietnam. WHL started life as a development project in the Mekong region trying to find a way to get travel product from the developing world online and able to be transacted just as it is in the West. Our Mission: Offering a unique online booking service to both travellers and travel service providers by marrying the best of what can be done locally (local knowledge, local relationships, respect for local environment) with best practices in global marketing, technology and information systems that are appropriate for use in all countries." - taken from
Find our feature here:

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