Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2009 Update: Chance to Wild Asia site visits

Wild Asia is keen to work with keen Malaysian-based photo or video talent. We are looking out for someone that can help us bring out the best in this year's finalists. If you are chosen you will get an exclusive privilege of joining our fact finding mission this year.

Why bother?
A chance to visit new places and get behind the scenes with some of the region's most inspiring tourism operators. Your work will help us highlight the winners and do more to inspire others.

The catch?

None really. Wild Asia's work is always licensed under the creative commons banner and you will hold all rights to your material. We just ask for the freedom to use your photographs to highlight the cause.

The costs?
Your basic travel costs (flight tickets and accommodation) will be fully covered. Other travel related costs (meals, in-bound travel) is on your own.

The date(s)?
Visits are planned for August and September. If you are able to spare at least 5 days per trip (and there are 8 planned across Asia) you stand a chance to be part of as many trips as possible.

Do send us a link to your work before 27th July 2009 and let us know the dates you can travel between August to September. If you need more information, do contact us at

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