Sunday, August 9, 2009

RTA09 Gets Another Supporter

Our awards gets a big boost through an unlikely alliance - an oil palm plantation company! Keresa Plantations and friends, have pooled their resources to give RTA09 a much needed financial support. This is great!

Why did they bother? Maybe they see value in what we do. I do know they are on their own "green journey" and are making meaningful improvements to how they do business - even for an oil palm company. We'll be keen to see what those changes are in the coming months but we already know that steps are being taken to improve their environment and better working conditions are being realised.

WA still needs financial support. Help us by supporting our annual awards. We have invested our hearts and what cash we have into this programme that has now gained International reach. We can make this event truly effective through secure financial support. Email us if you are able to mobilise support within the next month!

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